Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser For Schools Food Facilities Offices

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Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser $99.95

Ensure your surroundings are germ free, especially if you deal with food and children. Installing sanitizer dispensers will help in cleaning palms and hands before food is touched. This is especially important in places where there is no access to water in immediate area. This dispenser is manual and does not require electrical connection not does it have complicated mechanism to check or operate. It compliant with the ADA. This is an all plastic dispenser which will not pose any danger to anyone. This one can operate in dry and wet conditions.

This dispenser has been designed to dispense just a measured portion, this one is useful in avoiding people taking massive unnecessary portions of a sanitizer just because it was available. One single press will provide 0.75ml of sanitizer which is good to disinfect any hands. This one also has a cool design, where you will need to press the top hatch for the liquid to be released. Maintaining and refilling it is very easy. There are easy refilling bags available. These need simply to be replaced each time the older one gets over, each one has been provided with a dispensing nozzle. You will get wall mounting fixtures which will help this dispenser stay on wall. There are safety features for protection against vandalism.

hand sanitizer dispenser, wall sanitizer liquid
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer liquid bag

Depending on the size of your organization, you have the option of buying a single dispenser or multiple ones. Prices decreases after you have increased your order to more than 3. The sanitizer has Ethyl Alcohol formula 62.5% which has the capability of killing germs within 15 seconds of application. It is also one in the list of USDA preferred list and contains skin friendly moisturizers to help you keep palms soft and not dry out with alcohol. Along with every manual dispenser you will get 6 sanitizer bags included in the deal. If you want any more you can shop for them from the store.

Manual hand sanitizer dispenser is a great idea in schools and kitchens where most germs tend to grow and manifest. This machine is ideal for domestic purpose too. You can install it in the kitchen or from where children and other members of the family tend to enter. However, though sanitizer does kill germs, hand washing is the healthiest way of cleaning hands.