Foundry Iron Coin Bank Skipping Girl With Press Of Lever

skipping girl bank, coin bank girl,
Coin Bank Foundry Iron Skipping Girl $39.95

Place this coin bank on your table and generate a handsome donation with the incentive, ‘if you donate a coin you can make her skip’. This skipping girl coin bank is a mastery of the craftsman. This foundry iron coin bank originally was created in late 1800 which was later kept in tact by other members of this industry. The foundry iron sculptures are simply beautiful. Moreover, this one has a strong healthy girl who skips the moment you press the lever. It is fun and energetic display anywhere in the house. The coin clot is behind the girl. However, this one is not as well engineered as the vintage one was. However, if you are not too fastidious about the jumping action, you will love this super loved foundry iron coin bank of skipping girl.

skipping girl bank, foundry skipping girl
skipping girl foundry iron coin bank $39.95

You can expect amazing hand painted coin bank which is all set to make you all excited. The girl herself is cute with a thick skipping rope. There is a swift action unlike to vintage collectible. This skipping girl comes in foundry iron therefore is not as sturdy as other iron products are. Most of the reviews for this item are very positive. This is a great gift for young girls or something that you would put on your home office table. This is more like a children’ toy in looks. Therefore, it should be given to those who love such items.





Cascading Fountains Garden Decor Brings Positive Energies


urn cascading fountain
Cascading Fountain Using Urns $99.95

Cascading fountains are a great way to add presence and sound of water in your home or office. It is believed in many cultures around the world that keeping water source that flows on your property be it home or garden brings in positiveness to that place. Sound of flowing water is very pleasing to the ears. These cascading fountains are available in many different designs which you can choose to ensure you have the right one for your home/office.

copper cascading fountain
copper falls cascading fountain $189.00

There are some very beautiful designs like these one you can select from. There are the urns, bowls, water jars, floral patterns. etc. Floral patterns are especially because these include copper flowers on tall stems. Water gently cascades from the top most flower and falls on the next one, till it reaches the last one. After that it falls into the pot that is holding these flowers. This flow is continuously repeated making it very mesmerizing to watch the flow and light sound of water fall.

bowl garden fountain
cascading bowl garden fountain

Though the concept remains the same, there are very innovative designs that the makers have come up with. You will find cascading fountain designs in form of cathedral rocks, mermaid, bamboo sticks, medici lion four tier fountain, Asian floral garden cascading fountain made of metal, etc. There are goddesses, fish, lakes, etc. You will find no dearth of designs in cascading garden designs. Water is pumped from the tank at the bottom to the top most cascade so that the water tinkles down smoothly to make beautiful sound of falling water.

metal caswcading fountain
metal floral fountain $149

There are some which can be installed outdoors, however, there are some which can be put on patios or corners of your rooms. These can be moved outdoors or indoors as the weather permits. There are also some designs that are exclusively made for table tops. These will need to be installed with a bit of thought and ideology of feng shui to install these beautiful cascading fountains.





Berkeley Chandelier With Frosted Glass Diffuser Made of Wrought Iron

berkeley chandelier
Berkeley Chandelier Frosted Glass Diffuser $2690

Adorn your ceiling just the way you are doing it with the rest of your room. Berkeley chandelier is just the thing you may need to ensure your home is well lit and there is a fashionable glow being cast everywhere instead of bright light. If you want a centerpiece chandelier for your ceiling this one would be most ideal. This one is one single piece and a single Candelabra base e12 lights this chandelier. The main body frame is made of wrought iron and the decorations are done with the help of acrylic. Both the iron and the acrylic are designed to last long.

Its dimensions are 40rd*19h which makes it fairly well proportioned for a medium sized room. Main color of this chandelier is moss grey with little decoration of vintage gold bringing in the charm that would add to the value. The chain binding the chandelier to the ceiling and around it is of the same color. If you need additional chain you will find the item number provided by the seller.

This one is subtle toned color, ideal if for any room with subtle base colors. It will look great with whites, but you cannot make a mistake of using this with an off white shade because it is clearly a mismatch. This chandelier has been crafted by Bunny Williams and has a Swedish connection to this piece of art.



Japanese Pagoda Lanterns Will Make Garden More Defined While Adding To Its Charm

tall pagoda lantern, tall japanese lantern, japanese lantern
Japanese Pagoda Lantern Tall $529

If you take a lot of effort and hard work to maintain and beautify your garden, you must have installed some very awesome statutes and figurines all over the garden to add to more charm and define its theme a little better. Pagoda lanterns are subtle yet very useful in ensuring that there is a space to light up your garden at night. Though the old concept of placing oil lamps does not exist anymore it is idea that gains most importance.

There are many styles in small or tall lanterns, these

sacred pagoda lantern,
Sacred Pagoda Lantern $139.95

provide you a positive aura to your garden. Subtle design and heavy built can make them last for years. These are carved from sandstone, known to withstand season changes for years. All of these are handcrafted and therefore unique in style and look. Though all of these are created from a rock, their look changes according to the shade of the rock. These pagodas will serve great corner stones on your garden. In fact, use these to mark every different flower bed. You can use it next to the pathways in your garden.

white japanese lantern, white pagoda lantern
Japanese Pagoda Lantern White Finish $159

Japanese pagodas are known for their subtleness, therefore, most often they will gel smoothly into their surroundings yet offer you the marking easily. You can match the color choice according to the theme of your garden. For smaller lanterns you will need to leave some space around them to highlight and accentuate their presence as well as beauty. For taller one however, there is no such requirement. It will stand quite comfortably on its own. Most of them look similar with subtle differences.

yukumi japanese lantern
21in. Yukumi Japanese Pagoda Lantern $159.95

You can light up your garden using lamps with electric fittings. But there is no mention about any possibility of electrical fixtures inside these lanterns. You can always place an oil lamp or a self charging one inside this lantern. Many such will add the element of stunning beauty to your garden. Japanese pagoda lantern is a value added to your garden. Place it on the flat surface or add a pillar underneath the shorter lamps to add more visibility to them.


Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser For Schools Food Facilities Offices

wall mounted sanitizer, wall sanitizer dispenser, sanitizer dispenser
Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser $99.95

Ensure your surroundings are germ free, especially if you deal with food and children. Installing sanitizer dispensers will help in cleaning palms and hands before food is touched. This is especially important in places where there is no access to water in immediate area. This dispenser is manual and does not require electrical connection not does it have complicated mechanism to check or operate. It compliant with the ADA. This is an all plastic dispenser which will not pose any danger to anyone. This one can operate in dry and wet conditions.

This dispenser has been designed to dispense just a measured portion, this one is useful in avoiding people taking massive unnecessary portions of a sanitizer just because it was available. One single press will provide 0.75ml of sanitizer which is good to disinfect any hands. This one also has a cool design, where you will need to press the top hatch for the liquid to be released. Maintaining and refilling it is very easy. There are easy refilling bags available. These need simply to be replaced each time the older one gets over, each one has been provided with a dispensing nozzle. You will get wall mounting fixtures which will help this dispenser stay on wall. There are safety features for protection against vandalism.

hand sanitizer dispenser, wall sanitizer liquid
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer liquid bag

Depending on the size of your organization, you have the option of buying a single dispenser or multiple ones. Prices decreases after you have increased your order to more than 3. The sanitizer has Ethyl Alcohol formula 62.5% which has the capability of killing germs within 15 seconds of application. It is also one in the list of USDA preferred list and contains skin friendly moisturizers to help you keep palms soft and not dry out with alcohol. Along with every manual dispenser you will get 6 sanitizer bags included in the deal. If you want any more you can shop for them from the store.

Manual hand sanitizer dispenser is a great idea in schools and kitchens where most germs tend to grow and manifest. This machine is ideal for domestic purpose too. You can install it in the kitchen or from where children and other members of the family tend to enter. However, though sanitizer does kill germs, hand washing is the healthiest way of cleaning hands.

60″ Round Folding Banquet Table Helps You Find Flat Surface Anywhere

60 inch folding table, folding round table
folding round table 60″$142.65

Want to ensure you have a flat surface whenever you need which can be removed once the need is done with, you will find an ideal product in this 60″ round wooden banquet table. This can be installed indoors or outdoors, it provides you a lot of space to keep anything you want safely. With the surface area of about 60″ you can keep papers, food stuff, plates, drinks, even machines like printers and scanners quite safely without it becoming wobbly. This table can be your savior in a makeshift office or when you want to throw a garden party.

This is a plywood table with 3/4th of an inch and has been sealed with t-molding to ensure there is not exposed party of the plywood that is likely to get damaged. Hinges have been firmly put through the surface to ensure that this one lasts for a long time. You can expose this one to the sun, harsh sun rays will hardly have any effect because of the UV rays protection done for the surface of the table to ensure its longevity.  Hardware used for the foldable stands is black steel and is one in thick in diameter to provide you the sturdiness with convenience.

round folding table
60 inch round wooden folding table

There are also two sturdy wooden bars installed under the table to help in non-flimsy or shaky installation where the table does not move or shake. This table has 3 year warranty, this shows you the confidence about quality of this table. It costs a meager $142.95 and adds to a lot of utility without clutter. Stand legs on both sides of this table can be folded in a precise manner, so storing can be done in a quaint corner once its use it over.

Two Person Wooden Swing Companion To Enjoy The Sunny Days!

two person swing, two person wooden swing
Two person wooden swing $924

Spend a cozy twosome time in your garden on a warm summer day with this two person wooden swing set that has been made in USA. This swing set comes with a proper installation manual and installation items that you will need to put it up safely.. This swing set can be put on any firm ground or outdoor patio in your home. Adding a quilt or a sponge cushion will make this all the more comfortable for you to use.

Those who do not like this color can check out many more colors like blue, white other than the orange/red shown in the picture. There are also different designs that should match with your other outdoor furniture. If you are looking for something as interesting as the one shown above, you can also check out recliners and garden chairs made by the same manufacturer. Therefore, the design very much remains the same without you having to spend time searching.

There are also the foot rests with sofas and small side tables available in the same wooden pattern. This swing set can cost between $950 to $1200 however, the prices could keep fluctuating according to the discounts and market value fluctuations. Beauty of the above swing set is the classic American workmanship which will appeal to everyone. Colors selected for these are also according to eclectic taste that goes with this work.

Check out more eclectic range of outdoor furniture to search for just the perfect one for you.

Rustic Theme With Outdoor Exterior Wall Mounted Lights That Remind of Bygone Era

rustic lantern, wall mount lantern
Rustic wall mount lantern $78

Exterior lighting provides security and says a lot about the people staying in a home. This lighting will always set a particular home depending on the decor. Exterior lamps need to shine bright and look good while doing so. If you have love for rustic and bygone era. This light is to be mounted on the exterior wall of your home. In fact, if you have a drive way or an entrance you may need to put more than one. There are so many designs in rustic. These lamps are more from the era where the use of cast iron was more. Therefore, you will find them in dark colors and looking mysterious. These have ornate shapes mostly resembling that castles, pointed tips which is a specialty of rustic lamps.

Wall mounted lamps need better installation, basically because these should be placed in locations where there will be space for maximum illumination. These look super on structures like tall supporting pillars or when mounted at the entrance wall of your home. This way the visitor and yourself get bright

external rustic lamp, external wall mounted lamp
Savoy External Rustic lamp $84

light even on darkest nights. The lamp holders are the normal ones you will find anywhere in the market. However, you will need to ensure that these holders are exactly the ones that match the bulbs fixtures you want to use. A choice of different shapes will help you choosing the right theme you want. Varying prices will set your budget right. Consult a few decor sites and you will find ideal way and location of lamps that looks great and matches the decor you planned.





Convertible Luxurious Sofa Bed For Easy Transition & Space

convertible sofa bed, sofa beds
Easy Luxurious Comfortable Covertible Sofa Bed $1548

Sofa beds are ideal for homes with less space and a regular stream of visitors. Knowing this many furniture makers have created sofas that turn into chic and spacious beds within no time. These smartly engineered sofas can simply be moved over the levers smoothly to ensure that no extra hassle is necessary for installation. The above sofa will help you gain not just space, but extra space for bed. The upholstery is 100%polyester which allows you to maintain is simply by spot cleaning.

The pillows and the foot rest can be used only when needed. One good thing about this sofa is that the pillows are reversible allowing you to turn the good side up when you sleep. This sofa bed has an extended seat which becomes the part of the bed once you have opened the sofa. The side rests do not change but the back does change to be included in the bed. All of this bed is at the same level, making it for a single or a couple to sleep quite comfortably.

The price of this sofa is quite steep, however that is because it does not just look good on the outside, it is a sturdy piece made from oak and plywood inside. The sturdiness is because of the oak wood that provides it with the required base to create this sofa on. This ideal sofa bed will last a long time giving you one of the most prized and useful furniture ever.

Enjoy this luxurious sofa bed for regular usage or for occasions where there are more members to your family though temporary.





Leather Recliner & Rocker For Ultimate Luxury & Relaxation

recliner rocker chair
Leather Recliner Chair With Rocker $1068

Luxury, comfort and decor do not always go together, however, this rocker, recliner chair is absolute the opposite. It provides the users with ultimate in luxury including a leg support with a press or a button or pull of a lever. This chair is not just great at luxury but it also ensures your body with support it deserves. It has a s sinuous spring system which makes it possible for it to remain in shape and ready for use.

Like other recliner it has many different uses, you can keep the leg pad folded to make this look like any other chair in your room. You can also sit down comfortably and use it to rock for absolute peace. However, ideally, you can use this recliner to give your back complete rest from hard day’s work. This recliner has been put up for a discount on one of the biggest online retailers.

You will always get a choice in colors according to the rest of the decor in your room, so as not to damage the overall ambience of the room.  Overall look of this chair is of that complete luxury and is ideal for any age group. There are many other recliners combined with rockers available if you do not like this design.