Oval Wine Sheer Glass Decanter With Wooden Stopper

oval wine decanter
Oval Wine Decanter With Oak Stopper

Wine is one of the most offered drinks around the world, its aroma and its richness make it less of liquor and more of an indulgence. Your choice of wine too depends on your tastes, however, since aged wine is very hard to find, ideally it is stored almost immediately after its use ceases. All of this to ensure longevity and perfect taste. Many people do store wine in the same bottle, however, it could become cumbersome and storing the beautifully aged red wine in a different color bottle does not really do justice to the quality. Oval wine decanter is ideal for serving as well as storing of wine. This decanter is in one of the most enticing shapes, that of oval in between and narrow at the top.

This oval wine decanter has been provided with a wooden stopper, you have a choice as to which one to select. Narrow mouth and wooden stopper ensure that the aroma of this wine does not escape though it has been removed from its actual bottle. This decanter is very beautiful, you can use this to decorate your dining or bar area if you have guests coming over to your house. It is made from simple clear glass and not plastic thereby reducing the chances of alcohol in the bottle interacting with its container.

Many a times aroma of the stopper does get infused with the wine fumes thereby giving it an unique taste.The stopper is in perfect ball shape and will fit the mouth of the bottle easily without leaving any gaps. Add more style and grace to your house with glass wine decanter.