Berkeley Chandelier With Frosted Glass Diffuser Made of Wrought Iron

berkeley chandelier
Berkeley Chandelier Frosted Glass Diffuser $2690

Adorn your ceiling just the way you are doing it with the rest of your room. Berkeley chandelier is just the thing you may need to ensure your home is well lit and there is a fashionable glow being cast everywhere instead of bright light. If you want a centerpiece chandelier for your ceiling this one would be most ideal. This one is one single piece and a single Candelabra base e12 lights this chandelier. The main body frame is made of wrought iron and the decorations are done with the help of acrylic. Both the iron and the acrylic are designed to last long.

Its dimensions are 40rd*19h which makes it fairly well proportioned for a medium sized room. Main color of this chandelier is moss grey with little decoration of vintage gold bringing in the charm that would add to the value. The chain binding the chandelier to the ceiling and around it is of the same color. If you need additional chain you will find the item number provided by the seller.

This one is subtle toned color, ideal if for any room with subtle base colors. It will look great with whites, but you cannot make a mistake of using this with an off white shade because it is clearly a mismatch. This chandelier has been crafted by Bunny Williams and has a Swedish connection to this piece of art.



Japanese Pagoda Lanterns Will Make Garden More Defined While Adding To Its Charm

tall pagoda lantern, tall japanese lantern, japanese lantern
Japanese Pagoda Lantern Tall $529

If you take a lot of effort and hard work to maintain and beautify your garden, you must have installed some very awesome statutes and figurines all over the garden to add to more charm and define its theme a little better. Pagoda lanterns are subtle yet very useful in ensuring that there is a space to light up your garden at night. Though the old concept of placing oil lamps does not exist anymore it is idea that gains most importance.

There are many styles in small or tall lanterns, these

sacred pagoda lantern,
Sacred Pagoda Lantern $139.95

provide you a positive aura to your garden. Subtle design and heavy built can make them last for years. These are carved from sandstone, known to withstand season changes for years. All of these are handcrafted and therefore unique in style and look. Though all of these are created from a rock, their look changes according to the shade of the rock. These pagodas will serve great corner stones on your garden. In fact, use these to mark every different flower bed. You can use it next to the pathways in your garden.

white japanese lantern, white pagoda lantern
Japanese Pagoda Lantern White Finish $159

Japanese pagodas are known for their subtleness, therefore, most often they will gel smoothly into their surroundings yet offer you the marking easily. You can match the color choice according to the theme of your garden. For smaller lanterns you will need to leave some space around them to highlight and accentuate their presence as well as beauty. For taller one however, there is no such requirement. It will stand quite comfortably on its own. Most of them look similar with subtle differences.

yukumi japanese lantern
21in. Yukumi Japanese Pagoda Lantern $159.95

You can light up your garden using lamps with electric fittings. But there is no mention about any possibility of electrical fixtures inside these lanterns. You can always place an oil lamp or a self charging one inside this lantern. Many such will add the element of stunning beauty to your garden. Japanese pagoda lantern is a value added to your garden. Place it on the flat surface or add a pillar underneath the shorter lamps to add more visibility to them.


Rustic Theme With Outdoor Exterior Wall Mounted Lights That Remind of Bygone Era

rustic lantern, wall mount lantern
Rustic wall mount lantern $78

Exterior lighting provides security and says a lot about the people staying in a home. This lighting will always set a particular home depending on the decor. Exterior lamps need to shine bright and look good while doing so. If you have love for rustic and bygone era. This light is to be mounted on the exterior wall of your home. In fact, if you have a drive way or an entrance you may need to put more than one. There are so many designs in rustic. These lamps are more from the era where the use of cast iron was more. Therefore, you will find them in dark colors and looking mysterious. These have ornate shapes mostly resembling that castles, pointed tips which is a specialty of rustic lamps.

Wall mounted lamps need better installation, basically because these should be placed in locations where there will be space for maximum illumination. These look super on structures like tall supporting pillars or when mounted at the entrance wall of your home. This way the visitor and yourself get bright

external rustic lamp, external wall mounted lamp
Savoy External Rustic lamp $84

light even on darkest nights. The lamp holders are the normal ones you will find anywhere in the market. However, you will need to ensure that these holders are exactly the ones that match the bulbs fixtures you want to use. A choice of different shapes will help you choosing the right theme you want. Varying prices will set your budget right. Consult a few decor sites and you will find ideal way and location of lamps that looks great and matches the decor you planned.





Floral Design Floor Lamp With Brushed Nickle Finish For Durability

floral shade lamp, floor lamp nickle
Floor Lamp With Brushed Nickle Finish & Floral Shade $474

Lamps are a great way to put in that comfortable warm light in your homes. Lamps may be of several different varieties but floor lamps are always a hit because of their plug and use option. This CanCan floor lamp is the same, it gives you 150 watts of lighting with a comfortable three pin plug. This lamp looks fabulous because of its brushed nickle finish, which will not gather dust and can be cleaned with simple wiping of the metal.

Floral shades are ideal for girl’s rooms. These are pleasant to look at, if you have selected lighter colors, light will reflect better with harshness removed from the light bulb. This lamp shade is measured cylindrical in shape, it is very attractive and light tends to move upwards and casts a soft glow around the around. There are some more options available in the stand as well as in the shade designs. Selections offer brushed steel or brass in the stand option and different designs in shades.

This floor lamp should be ideally placed on the wooden or normal floor, you should avoid placing it on carpet where its base could be disturbed or equilibrium lost. The lamp is 18 inches in circumference making it wide enough to rest on floor properly. Enjoy ideal light in the room with this Cancan floor lamp with floral design shade.