Wood Leather Jewelry Box With Multiple Drawers & Mirror

wood leather jewelry box
colonial woodleather jewelry box $275.99

Jewelry boxes are an ideal way to store any type of jewelry, be it imitation, casual or expensive. Lovers of jewelry worldwide will agree on the fact that great damage to their priceless jewels is when they have not stored with properly with correct protection. At times, when jewelry is supposed to last for years may get broken simply because it got entangled in something else. Here is a jewelry box for this very purpose, this one is par excellence, with a beautiful look that will make it a thing of pride to keep it in your boudoir.

This is one of the most well crafted wooden leather jewelry boxes, its origin is from the Andes and has been made by a well known artisan. The jewelry box itself is immensely well thought of. It is ensured that it can be secured with the help of a lock and key. Also it is not as small its dimensions are 16.25″ in height x 15.75″ width x 9″ depth. You may be a lover of jewelry and own hundreds of pieces of latest or vintage jewelry, this box will ensure it stays as amazing as the day you purchased it. The leather on the box is richly embossed with colonial designs, it provides your room is the rich aura. With numerous compartments, it is quite easy for you to store many more small yet important things in this box and lock it up. There is a drawer and a huge cabinet compartment for such things.

colonial leather wood jewelry box open

See the numerous drawers, you can dedicate each one for every type of jewelry like the bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, body jewelry, etc. The mirror on the top allows you a hands on review as to how you would look when you wear particular jewelry. Mirror helps you in getting ready in minutes. If you have exhausted all your drawers you can keep all your makeup items in the top compartment. This way you will get to keep everything in a neat compact manner. You will also preserve your make up items better and for a longer period of time. This is a hardy cabinet, you can give any woman whom you adore and respect, also someone who has a huge collection of jewelry and would like to find a way to keep it nicely.

The box is not tiny, therefore, you will need to find a neat place to keep it, besides this jewelry box is hardy and should be placed where not many people have and access to it, especially if you intend to use it to keep some fabulously expensive items in there. Click on the images to see where you can get yourself such beautiful jewelry box.