60″ Round Folding Banquet Table Helps You Find Flat Surface Anywhere

60 inch folding table, folding round table
folding round table 60″$142.65

Want to ensure you have a flat surface whenever you need which can be removed once the need is done with, you will find an ideal product in this 60″ round wooden banquet table. This can be installed indoors or outdoors, it provides you a lot of space to keep anything you want safely. With the surface area of about 60″ you can keep papers, food stuff, plates, drinks, even machines like printers and scanners quite safely without it becoming wobbly. This table can be your savior in a makeshift office or when you want to throw a garden party.

This is a plywood table with 3/4th of an inch and has been sealed with t-molding to ensure there is not exposed party of the plywood that is likely to get damaged. Hinges have been firmly put through the surface to ensure that this one lasts for a long time. You can expose this one to the sun, harsh sun rays will hardly have any effect because of the UV rays protection done for the surface of the table to ensure its longevity.  Hardware used for the foldable stands is black steel and is one in thick in diameter to provide you the sturdiness with convenience.

round folding table
60 inch round wooden folding table

There are also two sturdy wooden bars installed under the table to help in non-flimsy or shaky installation where the table does not move or shake. This table has 3 year warranty, this shows you the confidence about quality of this table. It costs a meager $142.95 and adds to a lot of utility without clutter. Stand legs on both sides of this table can be folded in a precise manner, so storing can be done in a quaint corner once its use it over.