Floral Design Floor Lamp With Brushed Nickle Finish For Durability

floral shade lamp, floor lamp nickle
Floor Lamp With Brushed Nickle Finish & Floral Shade $474

Lamps are a great way to put in that comfortable warm light in your homes. Lamps may be of several different varieties but floor lamps are always a hit because of their plug and use option. This CanCan floor lamp is the same, it gives you 150 watts of lighting with a comfortable three pin plug. This lamp looks fabulous because of its brushed nickle finish, which will not gather dust and can be cleaned with simple wiping of the metal.

Floral shades are ideal for girl’s rooms. These are pleasant to look at, if you have selected lighter colors, light will reflect better with harshness removed from the light bulb. This lamp shade is measured cylindrical in shape, it is very attractive and light tends to move upwards and casts a soft glow around the around. There are some more options available in the stand as well as in the shade designs. Selections offer brushed steel or brass in the stand option and different designs in shades.

This floor lamp should be ideally placed on the wooden or normal floor, you should avoid placing it on carpet where its base could be disturbed or equilibrium lost. The lamp is 18 inches in circumference making it wide enough to rest on floor properly. Enjoy ideal light in the room with this Cancan floor lamp with floral design shade.