Beat the Winter Chills By Installing Fire Pit In Your Garden or Patio

As winter chills begin many of you will be discouraged to venture outdoors. At the onset of the cold, you should prepare yourself to deal with the cold outdoors. That is why you can install a fire pit on your patio. There are many varieties in this very useful variety. There are those which will differ in functioning and the design. Your selection could depend on the following factors:

  1. Fuel: There are many different types of fuel your fire pit could use, like the LPG, propane or the traditional wood. This also could affect their portability as well as the cost of fuel. The design and simplicity will get affected with the type of fuel used.
  2. Purpose: Depending on whereall you would like to use this fire pit and for purpose, you should select the ideal one. If you intend to use this pit as the barbeque pit, it would be ideal if you could select the coal or wood pit which will ensure a healthy way to cook food. The propane one would not be ideal for food, neither would it be easy to move. The one will LPG will always need a cylinder along with it. Also a safe connection away from the heat and fire is required.
  3. Look and patio decor: Your patio decor will have a lot to do with type of fire pit you select. For modern patio decor, it would be better to select a sophisticated look with acute and geometrical line. Natural surroundings are more flexible therefore you can try a variety of fire pits in your place.
  4. Cost-effective: If you are someone who is likely to use a fire pit more often, you will want to think the cost effectiveness of the fuel that is being used. Propane and LPG may be expensive than the wood which is available free for those who live near woods or in remote areas.

Here are some examples of fabulous fire pits that you may be interested in:

  1. Wood Fire Pit With Horseshoe Design:
    Horse Shoe Fire Pit For Wood
    Horse Shoe Fire Pit For Wood

    This is a simple pit, its easy to move and most advantage being you can use it anywhere even on a boat. This pit is easy to clean, all you need is a bit of wood so you can light a fire. This pit can be used to toss in a bit of barbecue stuff. You can also put in skewers filled with food to enjoy the cool weather and a get together with friends. There are many designs like the horseshoe which are inspired from the nature. It could contain animals or trees. These fire pits are made from cold rolled steel which will be useful to you for years to come. At the same time, you also have been provided with several other accessories that will make this firepit more useful like the wood poker, barbecue grill and a spark wire grill to ensure that the fragments and sparks from coal or wood do not end up being an hazard.

Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit:

Wood Burning Fire Pit
Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

This is another wood burning pit with truly interesting design. This grill provides huge air flow for the the wood to burn consistently and allow people to enjoy the warm exuded by the fire thoroughly. This hearth has been designed to ensure it has ample of space for wood. The wire mesh avoids any embers from jumping through the meshing from all sides, even the top. Fire from this pit will spread warmth evenly with least possibility of an hazard. This firepit is an innovative design aiming at spreading warmth.

3. Propane Fire Pit:

propane fire pit
Propane Fire Pit is Smoke Free

Propane is considered to be less of smoke with equal amount of heat. However, starting a fire with wood might not be as easier as it is with propane. Here you will need to add a propane tank to the fire pit to make it work. You can control the amount of fire with help of regulator and it has an option. Most of the propane fire pits have interesting and very chic designs. These are brilliant for residences rather than holiday homes. In cities and places where there is no immediate availability of wood, these fire pits are absolute must. These are ideal for huge balconies or terraces, these are less of a fire hazard since there are no spark falling out. You will need to refuel propane tank and it is a little more expensive than wood.

LPG Fire Pit
LPG Fire Pit or Patio Table

4. LPG Fire Pit:

This is one of the most attractive LPG fire pits you have ever seen. This one can be used all the year long. As a fire pit during winter and as a table top during the times when it is not used for warming purposes. Ideally, this one uses a LPG or a propane tank which fits inside quite comfortably. You can control the flame which creates a peaceful and lovely ambience. This one has an antique look which is simpler to maintain. This LPG fire pit is lovely and ideal to be associated into your decor at home.

Fire pits are an eco friendly and good way to remain warm during winter while enjoying outdoors. These variety of fire pits are a must in each residence.