Colorful Ceramic Pitchers Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant & Memorable

Kitchen without pitchers is incomplete, as plastic took over, many people are surrounding themselves with plastic pitchers, though these might not be ideal to store warm milk or water. That is why there is an option for those who would like to use an healthy option and add color to their kitchen. Ceramic pitchers are a great alternative to the plastic or glass ones. Here is taking a look at some colorful and interesting pitchers which you could use for serving milk, juice and water.

  1. Traditional Pitcher Beige With Different Colors
    Traditional Pitcher Beige With Different Colors

    Traditional colorful yet subtle pitches with a curve handle: This pitcher will carry milk for entire family esepecially when it is early morning breakfast time. This and many like these design have been handcrafted by artisans. These do not have harmful colors, however since every artisan designs differently you could find some variations in designs. More or less it looks the same. This one also has a classy look and a subtle shine which adds color to the room.

  2. Talavera Pitcher Unique Handpainted
    Talavera Pitcher Unique Handpainted

    Talavera Pitcher With Floral and Feather Pattern: This is one of the most traditional yet very chic and eclectic designs in a pitcher. This ceramic pitcher is handmade by artisans in Spain. The unique intricate art represents modern design with flowers amongst the foliage making this pitcher beautiful. What has been incorporated is intricate design from the Chinese culture which brings more meaning to the original floral motifs. Its rich in color and the design fills entire body. Handle of this pitcher is a simple circular holding space brought in by dividing the pitcher rather than adding a separate one. This one can bring both beauty and color to your dining table.

  3. Ceramic Pitcher With Stars Flowers
    Ceramic Pitcher With Stars Flowers

    Design that brings together earth and sky: This is one pitcher a person with a large family will love to have on their table. Fill it every morning with warm milk or fresh juice and everyone gets to pour themselves a full glass of healthy nutrition. This pitcher has a myriad of colors that represent the coming together of stars and flowers. The pitcher itself is large and enough to hold any liquid for the entire day.

    A beautiful combination of colors and crisp design makes this pitcher super beautiful as well as very useful. Its handmade and colors used are non-toxic as per the website. However, it would be ideal to confirm it. This majolica design provides this pitcher a playful as well as interesting starry look.

  4. Legacy of North Abstract Desigh Pitcher
    Legacy of North Abstract Desigh Pitcher

    North Mexican inspired design on this handmade pitcher: This one is a very exotic pitcher, with this one you have no choice but to put it on display. It has a beautiful color a bronzed golden exterior is brought together with geometrical designs. These designs have been brought together to form a lovely symphony which use black and more metallic colors that are simply stunning. The pitcher has a normal handle and no border. This pitcher is shapely as it is narrow at the the top and broader at the bottom. Enjoy handmade design and the geometrical beauty of this pitcher.

There are many more designs in pitchers, some ideal for everyday usage or some of which are for display. Check out more of these lovely ways of carrying your daily liquids for family by searching for pitchers.