Berkeley Chandelier With Frosted Glass Diffuser Made of Wrought Iron

berkeley chandelier
Berkeley Chandelier Frosted Glass Diffuser $2690

Adorn your ceiling just the way you are doing it with the rest of your room. Berkeley chandelier is just the thing you may need to ensure your home is well lit and there is a fashionable glow being cast everywhere instead of bright light. If you want a centerpiece chandelier for your ceiling this one would be most ideal. This one is one single piece and a single Candelabra base e12 lights this chandelier. The main body frame is made of wrought iron and the decorations are done with the help of acrylic. Both the iron and the acrylic are designed to last long.

Its dimensions are 40rd*19h which makes it fairly well proportioned for a medium sized room. Main color of this chandelier is moss grey with little decoration of vintage gold bringing in the charm that would add to the value. The chain binding the chandelier to the ceiling and around it is of the same color. If you need additional chain you will find the item number provided by the seller.

This one is subtle toned color, ideal if for any room with subtle base colors. It will look great with whites, but you cannot make a mistake of using this with an off white shade because it is clearly a mismatch. This chandelier has been crafted by Bunny Williams and has a Swedish connection to this piece of art.